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Welcome to Paul Pycroft I.T. Consulting Services

My name is Paul Pycroft. I am a Microsoft System Specialist, Linux enthusiast, and perpetual tinkerer of most I.T. systems. I live in Cardiff, love swimming, photography, motorcycling, and DIY, if time allows.

In I.T. I offer expertise in the Server environment, desktop PC / laptop, networking, scripting as well as web development. Whether it’s a business or personal need I’m quite happy to discuss your options face to face or or email.


I am currently employed in a large local Govt organisation as an Senior IT Consultant, and spend most of my time on operations and the back-end system. The system consists of running a farm of servers of different configuration / platform i.e Microsoft Windows Servers (up to latest spec), Linux/Unix, with Veeam, NetApp, Citrix, VMware, Cloud data storage and backup of large corporate systems. Also, working for support services in the server environment for clients. I create scripts to ensure that the farm of servers are up and running and minimising any downtime as part of 24/7 services.


I have attended various Microsoft and Unix training courses for high end Server environments as well as for personal computer use. I have a M.Sc. in Parallel Computer Systems and an B.Sc. (Hons) in Information Technology. Also extensive experience in Electronic & Communication Engineering. I hold Chartered Engineer status as well as being an Chartered I.T. Professional. If you like my resume, please click here and explain what you are asking for.

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  • Various OS platform: Microsoft / Linux / NetApp / NAS / Veeam / VMWare / Unix platform
  • Scripting work: Powershell, Kixtart and batch file scripts, PHP, HTML, Linux / Unix’s shell script.
  • Web development: WordPress, Joomla CMS, HTML & PHP coding.
  • Building / configuration of server and desktop hardware.
  • Photography

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Why me

Product Reviews
I can offer my non-biased opinion / reviews give you for consideration on hardware / software / products etc for information you need and you can do for your decision.

Desktop / Laptop / Server
My specialist are as to analyzes, implementation, repairs and maintains many different types of computer equipment. , or may specialize in working on networks or servers. Technology is continually evolving, therefore has to keep up to date in order for him be able to analyse and troubleshoot each specific job.

Server Implementation Plan
Has extensive knowledge and experience in a specific professional field, and who shares their expertise in order to solve business-related issues or problems. They are often used before and during the start-up of a new business, or to re-align a flailing business. Consulting is an enormous field, and consultants can work for practically every industry, from fashion to finance.

IT Services
Benefit from IT Consultancy, Mailbox & Data Migrations, Hosted Solutions, Hardware Purchasing and much more.

Data Migrations
Having managed over large data migrations over the past years, I carried out flawlessly migrated files and data along with their security ID to and from file servers also from backup / cloud data system.

Web Development
WordPress is my specialty also can do for others i.e. HTML, PHP scripting etc. Implementation of  WordPress core data, plugins, services, design concepts, and themes.


Experience in IT


Hard working



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